Tuesday, July 31, 2012

black pearls on your wedding day

tahitian pearl necklace
kate hudson

if website views are any indication of hot trends, then i am sure black pearls are about to go viral. with the upcoming fall and winter bridal season, i can comfortably say that the tone is set. has there been another celebrity sighting? has there been a royal wedding donning black pearls? i can't seem to find the catalyst but all i know is they are hot hot hot.

freshwater hand knotted pearls
whether you are partial to tahitian black south seas pearls, black freshwater pearls or black swarovski crystal pearls, the choices are unlimited. each option will have its positives and other than price, literally no negatives. in the end, it's all about what makes you feel good and feel happy.

a south seas pearl can cost you $10,000 but you can replicate that same look in a swarovski pearl for around $30. freshwater pearl necklaces are available for as little as $40 and upwards of thousands.

timeless and classic in design are double or triple strand pearl necklaces much like jackie o wore. single strands are also a smart look and they can be designed in simple elegant style or by adding rhinestones or gemstone clasps.

swarovski black pearl bridesmaid set
 i have been seeing black pearl necklace sets on bridesmaids worn during daytime weddings and especially a favorite of evening or formal weddings. paired with gem tones or black bridesmaid gowns will give you a clean, elegant look. i'm currently working with a bridal party that will be wearing long strapless dresses in black with claret sashes, swarovski mystic black jewelry sets with rhinestones. i can't wait to get some photos to post!

both bridesmaids black pearl necklaces can be found at http://www.urban-pearl-studio.com/

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