Thursday, August 16, 2012

for the man in your wedding!

have we forgotten the groom's accessories - here is a lovely gift for your groom

it's mostly about the girls when it comes to weddings. clothes, hair, jewelry, make up, yup, all about the girls. what we tend to forget is the man, the husband to be, the hunk! this is a fantastic find as a wedding gift, one only and surely this will go fast.

these are from the magnificent silversmith group, tane orfebres, the tiffany of mexico. much of their work ends up in museums and there was just a show in the dallas area a few years back. some 90 items were on display from sculpture to jewelry.

this is a perfect example of timeless classic design. 925 sterling silver combined with 14k gold in a button design cuff link. the pair are heavy weight and total quality. they are vintage estate luxury men's jewelry accessories and a real find.

any man would be proud to wear these on their wedding day and long after. you can find the one and only pair here  $249

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