Monday, August 26, 2013

Urban Weddings : Real Brides, Real Stories

Stephanie and Jaidev, Love at First Sight 

Autumn is upon us and what a lovely season for a wedding. This week we are featuring a gorgeous bride and her fiance, Stephanie and Jaidev, and their September 28th wedding date. They are fun, adorable and quite humorous! Read on!

Where did you two meet? : It's kind of funny actually because we have two different stories on how we remember meeting.

Jaidev's Story : Back in the summer of 2008, there was this new intern group at National Instruments. To welcome them to the company, we invited all the interns and their mentors to come out to 6th street. While out on a rooftop patio everyone was making introductions and this girl introduced herself as Stephanie Horsey. I thought Horsey...what a weird last name and said something to the effect of 'that must have sucked in school to have a last name like that'. She corrected me and spelled out her last name and then proceeded to go to the bar to get a drink with her (then) boyfriend.

Stephanie's Story : After graduating college, I accepted a job full time at National Instruments. After completing my internship, I kept up with my mentors and when I started full time I asked for some help to move furniture to my new grown-up apartment. I met up with my old mentor at his house to pick up some supplies and while we were this his roommate came out of his room. He looked like he wasn't doing anything so I asked if he wanted to help me move for an hour or two. He said no and went on to play some video games on the couch.

Not exactly the best first impressions of each other, but eventually after hanging out with my mentor a few times, Jaidev started tagging along and we got to know each other and eventually decided we should get married!

Wedding Theme : Our wedding colors are shades of purple. We also want our wedding to be as sustainable as possible. Instead of using flowers in the centerpieces and bouquets, we are using succulents which will have a longer life after the wedding is over. We are trying to minimize waste and the number of things we have to buy, but I am a sucker for beautiful jewelry. I've always thought that pearls are classy and freshwater pearls are perfect to wear after the wedding is over.

Wedding Location : When we first started looking for venues, I was shocked at the price to get married in a 'traditional' wedding venue. Not only was the price high, but on average you only had six hours for setup, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and clean up. That is not our style so we started looking for alternative venues. While we were dating, our core group of friends would often go on weekend trips and just hang out, drink wine and beer, talk and relax. We wanted our wedding to have the same type of feel. It was stressful trying to find a place that could provide this type of atmosphere for 100 people and have enough parking,but we found a lakehouse that we could rent for the entire weekend (for less than a traditional wedding venue). We can spend all day Friday catching up with family, having a fajita cookout for the rehearsal dinner and have all day Saturday to prep for the wedding. We don't have a music cut-off time and we have until 6pm Sunday to pack up and head home. Our friends are excited because it will be just like another weekend getaway, except Jaidev and I will be providing all the food and booze.

We are excited that two of Jaidev's groomsmen and a handful of guests are friends from when he was in school in India. Over the past few years more and more of his friends are moving to the US and we are excited to have all of them join us for an American wedding.

How about the Bridesmaids? : My bridesmaids are great. I have five bridesmaids and since they are all equally important to me, I decided not to single-one out as a maid-of-honor. I've been a bridesmaid before and I've had to buy a dress that I knew I would never wear again and it was expensive. I am letting my bridesmaids pick their own dresses as long as it is a shade of purple. My only criteria was that if they decide to buy a new dress, that they will wear it again after the wedding weekend. They are also free to wear shoes they own, but most of my girls are using being a bridesmaid as an excuse to buy some cute new shoes!

I absolutely love pearls and as soon as I was engaged, I knew they would be my jewelry of choice. To tie the bridesmaid's outfit together, I got them very beautiful pearls necklaces and some earrings to wear. I want them to be able to re-wear the jewelry I am giving to them and what girl wouldn't want a pair of pearl necklaces and earrings to wear on special occasions!

And lastly, the Honeymoon : We love traveling and we are not the go to the beach and sit around and relax for a week type of people. We would get bored. Every year we take a trip overseas and we try to fit in as much sightseeing and culture as we can on our trips. Often, in two week vacation, we will backpack our way around 5 or more cities. In our three year relationship we have traveled to Egypt, Greece, Monaco, France, Peru, and India. So our honeymoon, we knew we would want to have another grand adventure. I am using two years worth of vacation for the month+ long trip. After we get married in the US, we will go to India at the end of December to have a traditional Indian wedding celebration, complete with a Mendhi and lots of delicious food. We are spending two weeks in India, one week to prep, a few days for the wedding, and a few days to say goodbye to family before we head out on our honeymoon. After leaving India, we will head to Thailand for a five day excursion and then go to Singapore for a few days to visit some friends.We were going to head back home after this, but when booking flights from Singapore back to Austin, there was an option to have a layover in Tokyo. Jaidev has always wanted to go to Tokyo so we decided to spend five days in Tokyo and the surrounding areas too. After this long trip, we will finally be back home. 

Congratulations to Stephanie and Jaidev! We wish you all the very best and enjoy that amazing extended honeymoon!


  1. Cute couple! Love the lakehouse venue/hangout idea!

  2. What a fun couple! Follow up with pictures of your wedding party please.