Monday, July 16, 2012

the amazing woman behind the amazing designs

i would like to introduce you to a woman that is not only multi talented in jewelry arts, but a woman that is so giving and caring that she spends much of her free time looking after those that can't. my first blog post is dedicated to norah downey of your daily jewels, a woman i fully admire.

here are some snippets from norah's profile and blog. i have to say she is very modest to say the least

your daily jewels
"i divide my time between jewelry making and being a pediatric physical therapist.

since childhood I have collected shiny and sparkling things: beads, stones, and baubles. as a new physical therapist, i needed ways to motivate my young patients with multiple disabilities. so, i dug into my lifelong collection of goodies that had been untouched for years and made some simple jewelry for them. i told them the funny little stories behind each bead or stone in their jewelry and they loved it! my pieces were a hit, my patients progressed, and i discovered a new creative outlet."

as you can see, she a gift from god and boy, are we glad to have her!

now that you know the woman, you must see her work. it's obvious she is passionate about recycling and going green so let me show you a few things she has designed.

i recently purchased one of these for a good friend's birthday, got the package, loved it so much that i ordered one for myself. it is simply delicious, customizable in many ways.

here is another delish design that norah created using three small and sparkling london blue gemstones that are encased in a seamless, faceted, crystal briolette. this is so stunningly beautiful that we all melt each time she showcases it.

this is a gorgeous example of norah's unique style. artisan carved 100% recycled fine silver with deep blue sapphire and message of "gratitude" scribed on reverse side. "gratitude". this her favorite word and she keeps a little sticker at the top of her computer screen that reads "gratitude" as a simple reminder to keep things in perspective and to acknowledge and be thankful for the graces presented everyday.

norah has another shop called rustic rock jewelry and you just must visit this wonderful collection of raw gemstone jewelry. simply divine.

while you are snooping, check our her blog as well - worth following this one!

thanks, norah, for... well, for a lot. for a little sunshine, for a smile, for everything you are to so many people. now get cracking and make more magic in that design studio!


  1. wonderful post about Norah and her gorgeous jewelry : )

  2. I really enjoyed this post! Norah is such an inspiration with her fabulous designs!

  3. Great post about Norah and her wonderful jewelry designs.

  4. Ohhh. I 'm blushing. Thank you, Lynn, for such a kind post and for taking the time to write about some of the pieces that mean so much to me.

  5. Wow you picked some gorgeous creations here.