Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring Wedding Trends 2013

This will be an interesting spring wedding season as I am finding patterns will rule the circuit. Everything from gingham, dots and paisley to chevron and stripes to soft delicate florals. You will see these used not only on the wedding party but especially prevalent in pre-party and the reception. (photo from OneWed)

Another hit will be the 'wedding lounge' where there is a clubby atmosphere in tucked off to the side of the main dance and dining area. Lots of sofas and conversation areas will be used to create a comfortable social zone. (photo by Belle the Magazine)

Lace seems to be making a comeback and you will see it in the Victorian Romance theme. Shown in gowns, bridesmaid's dresses, reception theme. I can't wait to see the intricate wedding cakes that will come of this trend. Pearl bracelet by Urban Pearl Studio and available here

With the popularity of Downtown Abbey and the remake of The Great Gatsby, the romantic era will be relived once again. High collars, lace, pearls and long trains on gowns and full tux tails and spats on the guys. I sense roaring 20s will be a fun and frequently seen theme.

This will be exciting to see this modern chic meets retro Gatsby era in weddings unfold. Stand by for more wedding trends for spring 2013


  1. I love the "Gatsby Era" - it will be fun to see more of this trend. Keep us posted : )

  2. I love this blog. So interesting to see what's coming up. I hope the Gatsby remake will bring back some other trends, like dressy dresses, evening gowns, hats, etc. Wouldn't that be fun?