Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pearl Dog Collars - Maggie Mae's Big Wedding

A huge trend is blossoming to include the bride's best friend in their wedding. Yes, the beloved dog. And what better way to have your dog walk down the aisle than decked out in pearls! Our story is about Maggie Mae, a gorgeous 'flower puppy' and the story of her mom and dad, Amy and Jeff.
Maggie Mae Walking Down the Aisle

Maggie Mae came in to Amy's life in 2001. A best friend from day one, complete with a wardrobe that would top the Kardashian sisters. Maggie is a bit of a miracle pup as she had a tragic accident at a very young age and barely survived. With 24 hour TLC and nurturing, Maggie Mae survived. 

When I asked Amy why she chose to have Maggie in their wedding, she replied, "It  was a no brainer for me. I definitely wanted her at the wedding, which is why it was important for me to have a venue that was dog friendly.  We also did not have any female relatives, and I felt like we could have asked a few friends with daughters, but we were not that close.  I did not want to look at our pictures a few years down the road, and be asking, who was that?  I was super lucky to find her dress on and they did an amazing job too!

Do I Look Beautiful or What?!
Jeff was going to have a pearl necklace made for me for our wedding.  The idea is that right now it has one pearl, and then every special occasion or anniversary after we will add a pearl. So it was perfect when I needed a collar for Maggie Mae, and I found Beadznbling! "(Urban Pearl Studio's sister shop on Etsy

Amy and Jeff chose The Hacienda Vargas, in Algodones, NM because they allow dogs for one. They both grew up in the area and had been to countless hotel weddings, or wedding elsewhere in the city but nothing would fulfill their dreams. The Hacienda Vargas is a Bed & Breakfast, which they also really wanted and to top the wish list off, they allowed up to 200 guests.  It ended up being perfect!

Amy, Jeff, Maggie Mae and Amy's Nephews

Amy and Jeff's wedding theme was so romantic. The venue was relaxed and country casual and they brought in some of their favorite things for guests to enjoy.

Cupcakes and Caramel Apples
Popcorn Cart

It was a beautiful wedding, the day, the venue, the guests. Amy was a stunning bride but I would guess, Maggie Mae donning her beautiful pearls, was the belle of the ball. It was a long day for all and while Maggie is very glad Amy said yes, asks politely, mom and dad, can we go home now?

Thank you Amy, Jeff and Maggie Mae for sharing your lovely story. 

Photos courtesy of D Lynch Photo.

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