Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Prom Closet 2016

What does a sea of 2500 prom dresses look like? Feast your eyes on the 8th annual free prom dress giveaway at St Andrew UMC in Plano, Texas.


Each year an amazing group of women volunteer to help coordinate this week long event that will offer girls dresses for their prom as well as jewelry, shoes, handbags and shawls all for free. Yes, free.

It takes a village, literally, to coordinate this event and the women of St Andrew UMC of Plano, Texas, work a full year to ensure a seamless event happens each spring.

Senior Prom is a special event in a young lady's life but it can be cost prohibitive at a whopping $1000 - $1500 to attend making it impossible for many families.

Thanks to the many generous donors, prom dresses and accessories are collected throughout the year and stored in preparation for the following year. The month before the event the dresses are taken out of storage and sorted in size and color, the same with the jewelry and accessories. The team will clean and repair the donations and start organizing getting ready for the big event.

This year is the 8th annual Prom Closet and it was perfect! Considering 2015 was such a huge success, over 850 girls were given the chance to have their dreams come true. This year a projected 1000 girls will pass through the doors so expansion was a must. 22 dressing rooms were built and the accessories area was made larger and more efficient.

This year over 2200 jewelry items were donated, Urban Pearl Studio was not only a proud sponsor but again had the true pleasure of working side by side with the team of coordinators and volunteers this past week.

Life should come with a handbook - mine is still a work in progress and my top two rules are : a) Wake each day and make it count. Make a difference in someone's life! b) Always give more than you take!

The women that coordinate this fabulous event surly have some of the same rules in their books of life.

It's an honor and pleasure to be a part of The Prom Closet.

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I would like to personally thank some dear friends that were more than generous with their time and jewelry donations

Joyce Bryan
Brenda Alexander
Michelle Alves - See Her Etsy Jewelry Shop Here
Judy Lott - See Her Etsy Jewelry Shop Here
Babrara Moore - See Her Etsy Jewelry Shop Here
Mollie Meserve - See Her Etsy Jewelry Shop Here
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  1. What a wonderful way to help the young ladies of your community!

  2. Such a great way to help those who need it, they all will look Fab for their prom!!!!!

  3. Wonderful! So glad I could make a contribution!

  4. This is such an awesome idea. It will make so many young women happy.

  5. another successful year! happy prom to all the girls!

  6. This is great. They should do something like this in Aus.

  7. What a great idea to help young ladies out. You Rock!!!

  8. Lynn, you are always there for everyone! These girls will never forget what you have done for them.

  9. Lynn, you are always there for everyone! These girls will never forget what you have done for them.